Have you ever wondered how a dream becomes reality? How creative ideas come alive? Or how you can be a part of such an experience? Well, translating imagination into reality and extending this opportunity to others is the lifeblood of S. Charli Productions, Inc. 


The phenomenon called creativity, manifest in the work of this combination theatre group/production company/artist showcase. The stories, which are the work and passion of visionary playwright, Susan C. Small are stories that reveal the complexity of our souls  and our overall capacity for good and evil, love and hate. She is devoted to the execution of quality and authenticity in her projects.


Helping to breathe life into her projects is an ensemble cast of actors, dancers, singers and poets, who interpret the stories on stage in an entertaining, but thought provoking way. Behind the scenes is a musical director ,a sound technician, set designers, costumers, a stage management staff, all skilled and dedicated to ensuring excellence in what is featured in productions like "Blue", "Club 44", and "Princess Nylah and the Journey to the Magic Window.  Supporters of either of those projects can expect to share in an infusion of quality, energy and an enhanced interpretation of these stories in their upcoming revivals.


For the audience, the S. Charli Production, Inc.  experience is a gift, offering diversity, a taste of something new, different, but satisfying in urban theater