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Lead Me, the debut single by Susan Charli, is a poetic symphony of worship. Revealed in the lyrics are the heart and soul of a passionate worshiper and prolific worship leader. Susan Charli withholds nothing; she is a poured-out vessel, whose purpose is evident as you become engulfed in this worship experience.


Lead Me draws you into an intimate conversation with God. The composition exudes both longing and rejoicing. It pulls you into His presence, and into a posture of“Yes.”You will find yourself in a place where fears yield, doubts subside and hope rises as you surrender to His will. This is not just another song; it is the heart-song of every believer who wants more of God.


Lead Me is Abba's will for you, set to rhythm, calling you to trust where He is leading. It is a defining moment for all worshipers, and  will become your anthem as you yield your yes to Him.

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